About us

Having spent seven years in Germany as an independent forestry contractor and Swedish teacher, I moved back to Sweden in 1987 and founded Humlan Translation Agency. The company initially focused on the wholesale supply of environmentally friendly paper products. I also ran what was then probably the only privately-owned shop for environmentally friendly products in Sweden. In 1994 I sold the wholesale business and closed the shop in order to provide environmental awareness training to the retail food sector.

I found increasing demand from Swedish companies doing business with German speaking countries, for my German language skills and contacts in Germany. In addition to language support, I provided product presentation, interpreting, translation and other support services and advice at trade fairs etc.

The breakthrough for translation services came in 1998. Since then we have provided both translation and consulting services from the Humlan office in Sundsvall. As this business grew, I cut back on business travel to focus on translation and proofreading assignments.

All of the documents that require language combinations that I cannot handle are sent to my professional colleagues around the world, all of whom translate into their own mother tongues.

This is the only way to provide acceptable translations.

With just a few notable exceptions, all of the translators live in countries where the target language is spoken; an important factor for ensuring up-to-date idioms and terminology.

Thanks to our low costs, among other things by being based in an office in conjunction with my home, we can keep our administration costs to a minimum.

Don’t be surprised if our prices beat all others when you invite to tender!

Ante Carlsson