Data management, GDPR

Collection, storage and deletion of data

The only data that is gathered and stored is such that is used in order to be able to communicate with customers and translators, primarily name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. There is no personal data in the form of religion, sexuality, medical history, etc.

Virtually all of the customers are businesses. In the case of the company’s few private customers, according to the GDPR, if you have ordered or requested a quotation for a translation you have given Humlan AB permission to store the information, which in some cases also may include a national identity number.

Security measures

The security measures that are applied are anti-virus software, computer software and a firewall, all of them updated, and a separate log in to access the data.

Dissemination of data

The data that has been gathered and stored according to the above remains at Översättningsbyrå Humlan AB. No data is used in any other way than the above and none is sold or otherwise disseminated to third parties.

Responsibility for personal data

If you wish to have your data deleted or corrected, you can contact the person responsible at Översättningsbyrå Humlan AB at ante@oversattningsbyra.se. The data that is possible to delete in accordance with prevailing legislation will then be deleted.